Instructions - Mental Maths Competition

  1. Student must enroll and attempt for the standard in which they are studying, otherwise student will be disqualified.
  2. Since the exams will be online, parents please make sure kids should not cheat themselves by using mobile phones & calculators or taking help from others.
  3. Exam has a specific amount of time allotted for specific number of questions.
  4. Exams must be submitted within the time allotted (60 minutes for finals, mock tests could be shorter) before the online exam time expires.
  5. As far as possible, exams must be completed in one sitting only, exam copies will not be provided later.
  6. Steps for accessing your exam online.

 (i) Child needs to login using email ID and OTP sent to email to get access to respective standard question paper.

(ii) Ensure that you have a stable, uninterrupted internet connection for your exam. If your internet access fails during the exam, all you need to do is login once again and complete the exam. You will not loose any of the answers you have provided and the timer counter will also pause at the last question you were trying to answer.  

(iii) Once you start the exam, do not refresh your browser or use the browser back button, or navigate away from the exam screen until the exam has been submitted. If you navigate away from the exam, your progress may be lost and cannot be recovered.       

(iv) Do not click the “start  “ button until you are prepared to begin the exam. 

 (v) Each exam will have multiple sections. Sample PDF files will list all the sections applicable for a standard. Once you complete a section, firstly you must click “Submit Section” to record your exam answers in the system. You will then be prompted to confirm exam submission. Once you click, “confirm” , you cannot return to submitted section. Once all sections are submitted, you will need to “Submit Test” to get the result.

(vi) Student / Parent will be able to see the score immediately after they finish the exam.

  1. What to do if your online exam is interrupted: Student/parent can put their login id and new OTP again to resume the exam from where it is left over.

  2. During the online exam:

(i) Avoid using mobile device/smart phones, other web browsers, software applications, or other computers on during the exam, also allowing other individuals to assist you is not allowed.

(ii) Avoid any recording of the exam screens, including taking screenshots, pictures, or video, copying the exam questions or answers,

(iii) The exam is confidential. It should not be copied, printed, saved, recorded, or reproduced in any manner, at any time

(iv) The exam questions and answers should not be disclosed or disseminated to anyone before, during, or after the exam.

(v) Students can skip questions if they are not sure and choose to come back to unanswered questions any time.

(vi) Once the timer expires, the exam will be automatically submitted, even if you did not click the “Submit “button.

  1. Support: If you have a medical condition, learning disability, language barrier, or other extraordinary circumstances due to which you cannot attend the exam , any kind of querries,  please feel free to contact us on 98200 9999 3 or email us on

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