Welcome to Mental Maths Competition

Registration will start from 21st February.

Please click on this link for re-verification form

  1. Please check the name of your ward, if any spelling mistake kindly email us the correction on mmcgmse@gmail.com (on or before 12th January 2024, after the given date no changes will be considered).
  2. In case of rechecking of marks, on the payment of prescribed fees of Rs. 200 (Non Refundable) along with the application of rechecking need to be sent at our registered office address (Bhandup). The photocopy of the student answer sheet will be mailed to the given email address with rectified results (if any). Please click on this link for re-verification form.
  3. Certificates (all participants) and medals [For Rank 4 to Rank 10] will be couriered on or before 31st January 2024. (If any change of address, kindly email us on or before 12th January 2024).
  4. Trophies and certificates [For Rank 1 to Rank 3] will be couriered on or before 29th February 2024. (If any change of address, kindly email us on or before 12th January 2024).
  5. Offline and Online Registration for academic year 2024-25 will commence from 21st February 2024. (Exam will be offline only and it will be held in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad).
  6. For any queries kindly email us at mmcgmse@gmail.com, you can also what’s app on 9820099993.

Dear Parent,

              We are pleased to announce that Registration for MENTAL MATHS COMPETITION will commence from 1st March & it will be an offline exam. We would like to inform you that more than 6000 participants from all over the schools in MUMBAI REGION participate and compete in this event every year.

              It is our constant endeavour to examine and test appropriately student's Mental speed & accuracy with due ability by interacting them into various variety of Mental Maths Questions based on BASIC ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS & FUNCTIONS.

What Student will achieve?

  1. Unique format of competition gives an opportunity to solve maximum calculation based questions in stipulated time.
  2. The student optimizes his/her Mental Calculation skills to achieve speed and greater level of accuracy.
  3. Helps students to gain confidence and develop interest in Maths.
  4. To encourage the student to appear for various competitive examinations and create an urge and ambition to succeed from an early age.
  5. Only winners Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3 students will be awarded with Trophies. Rankers from Rank 4 to Rank 10 will be given Medals as the consolation prize. Medals and Trophies will be sent by courier to a postal address in India only..
  6. The certificate of participation will be given to every participant.
  7. The certificate of distinction / excellence will be awarded to student scoring more than 75% more than 90% respectively.

              Therefore, we sincerely request your good honour to forward this opportunity to your ward to enrich their mental skills at the earliest.

Thanking you & awaiting your favourable response.
With deep respects,
Yours sincerely,