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Rankings for Final Exam will be declared on 9th December. Important information with respect to despatch of certificates, click here...

StandardDay & DateTimings (24 hours)
1st19th Nov. 2021, FridayThursday midnight 12 to Friday midnight 12
2nd20th Nov. 2021, Saturday Friday midnight 12 to Saturday midnight 12
3rd21st Nov. 2021, Sunday Saturday midnight 12 to Sunday midnight 12
4th & 7th27th Nov. 2021, SaturdayFriday midnight 12 to Saturday midnight 12
5th & 6th28th Nov. 2021, SundaySaturday midnight 12 to Sunday midnight 12

Dear Parent,

              We hope your child / ward has enjoyed the online format of Mental Maths Competition 2020. We at G.M.S.E. thank you, for encouraging your child / ward to participate in the event. Mental Maths Competition 2020 would not have been successful without the interest and enthusiasm shown by all the parents and students.

              We at G.M.S.E. are committed towards better service and satisfaction in each forthcoming editions of Mental Maths Competition. The discipline, organisation and punctuality of Mental Maths Competition is something we boast about.

              Safety of each and every student is our prime concern, thats the reason even this year Mental Maths Competition will be on online basis.

              Final Exam will be in the month of November and schedule for the same will be uploaded on the website by 15th August, 2021.

What Student will achieve?

  1. Unique format of competition gives an opportunity to solve maximum calculation based questions in stipulated time.
  2. The student optimizes his/her Mental Calculation skills to achieve speed and greater level of accuracy.
  3. Helps students to gain confidence and develop interest in Maths.
  4. To encourage the student to appear for various competitive examinations and create an urge and ambition to succeed from an early age.
  5. Only winners Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3 students will be awarded with Trophies. Rankers from Rank 4 to Rank 10 will be given Medals as the consolation prize. Medals and Trophies will be sent by courier.
  6. The certificate of participation will be given to every participant.

              Therefore, we sincerely request your good honour to forward this opportunity to your ward to enrich their mental skills at the earliest.

Thanking you,
With deep respects,
Yours sincerely,

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